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Matt Mabie, Wearing a Mask

‘Keep It Up’ on COVID

‘Keep It Up’ on COVID

Leading Advocacy Organizations, Including the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Encourage Wisconsin to ‘Keep It Up’ on COVID

As Wisconsinites continue grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it brings headed into the fall season, a diverse coalition of Wisconsin’s leading advocacy organizations today launched a statewide public service message on TV and radio urging the public to continue practicing preventive measures proven to reduce the spread of the virus.

The coalition represents Wisconsin health care leaders, businesses and local governments. The message encourages Wisconsin residents to continue wearing masks, practicing social distancing and washing hands often and thoroughly – all of which can help slow the spread of the virus and help Wisconsin’s economy and public health recover from the novel coronavirus.

Featuring real people, not actors, in the real estate and health care industries, the PSA urges the public to “keep it up” when it comes to safety measures.

“As we continue going about our business and living our lives we must do so safely,” Mary Duff, a licensed realtor, says in the PSA. “Continue taking responsible steps to keep you and those around you healthy.” Others appearing in the piece include pharmacist Matthew Mabie and nurse Veronica Scott-Fulton.

“Don’t forget your mask — it protects you, and all of us,” says Mabie.

“Keep practicing good hygiene by frequently washing your hands with soap and hot water,” Scott-Fulton says before closing the PSA with a word of encouragement. “Keep it up Wisconsin!”

The public service announcement will run on statewide television starting today and can be viewed here: