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Help Your Local Pharmacies

How Pharmacy Benefit Managers are Hurting the Community Multi billion dollar companies are forcing local pharmacies out of business, while making your drug costs go…

man talking to woman pharmacist while looking at a pill bottle Introducing Med Sync From Forward Pharmacy

Save time with Med Sync! Med Sync is a FREE SERVICE that allows you to pick up all of the medications you regularly use in one trip to the pharmacy!

Catch Up on Vaccinations at the FREE Back-2-School Haircutz Event!

Free Haircuts, Shoes, and Vaccines Just in Time for School! JP Hair Design will host its annual Back-2-School Free Haircutz event at The Alliant Energy…

What is Centralized Prescription Filling?

Centralized prescription filling is a system where a central pharmacy location is responsible for dispensing medications to multiple retail pharmacy locations. This system was developed as a way to increase efficiency and reduce costs for big-box pharmacies. Unfortunately, those efficiencies and cost savings aren’t passed on to patients – in fact, they make accessing care and prescriptions harder and MORE expensive!

Smiling kid with a bandaid It’s back-to-school season! Is your child up to date on their required immunizations?

Did you know that vaccines not only help protect your child (and your community) from dangerous diseases, but they are also required to attend school? 

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

July is Ultraviolet Safety Awareness Month It’s fun to be out in the sun, but remember to protect yourself against those less fun things the…

How to Use the RxLocal App

Forward Pharmacy has partnered with RxLocal to make refilling your prescription from your phone simple and easy.

Naloxone Opioid Safety: and How to Use Naloxone

A Guide for Community MEmbers How to Identify an Opioid Overdose Look for These Common Signs: 1. The person won’t wake up even if you…

Senior Vaccines are Free! Routine Vaccinations for Seniors are FREE!

Attention all patients over the age of 65: All routine vaccinations will be covered with a $0 copay under Medicare Part D and Seniorcare! That…