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On-Site Workplace Flu Clinics

Near Madison, Wisconsin

Flu Shot Calendar

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We’re currently booking dates for the 2022-2023 flu season. Please fill out the form below and a member of our vaccination team will get in touch with you.

Covid Vaccinations

Onsite Flu Shot Clinics


Forward Pharmacy is proud to offer customized immunization clinics. Our licensed pharmacists are specially trained to give vaccinations. It’s quick, easy and if you have a commercial insurance plan, for example Dean, Quartz or Physicians Plus (and most others); flu shots are covered as a preventative health benefit, and there is no additional charge to the employer or employee. We can also bill Medicare, Medicaid or you directly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flu Shot Clinics

What kind of flu vaccinations are available?
We offer two kinds of flu shots:

Who pays for the clinic?
Forward Pharmacy will bill your insurance directly. For self-insured employers, Forward Pharmacy can bill you for the vaccine, but there are no additional costs. Bulk pricing available.

What about patients without vaccination benefits?
Individuals without vaccination benefits may pay the negotiated cash price.

Where do the clinics take place?
We travel to you at no additional charge! Our flu shot clinics are fast, easy and non-disruptive. We often set up in an office, conference room or another area in your business. If you prefer to have your employees come to the pharmacy, they can still take advantage of the bulk pricing benefit we offer employers and groups.

When can we come?
We work around your schedule. Our pharmacists can come before, during or after work. Shift changes can also be a convenient and logical time for your employees to get a flu shot.