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Book Flu Shot Clinic for Your Business or Organization

Appointments for Workplaces Available Now

Forward Pharmacy is now accepting requests for onsite flu clinics for 2022-2023.

Flu shots are necessary to protect your workforce and community from getting sick. The vaccine protects against several different flu viruses, providing protection for the entire season.

That’s why we recommend scheduling your clinic date for October or November, so your organization can receive the maximum protection against the flu virus. We’ll also work around your schedule for the clinic itself, with our pharmacists available to come before, during or after work.

We’ll come to you at no additional charge! We offer fast, easy, and non-disruptive clinics that are often set up in an office or conference room. If you prefer to have your employees come to the pharmacy, they can still take advantage of the bulk pricing benefit we offer employers and groups. 


We can also vaccinate eligible employees against COVID-19 at the same time. Our pharmacists will bring the appropriate vaccine options for primary and booster doses to your onsite clinic for no additional cost to you or your staff.