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COVID-19 Second Dose Information

Watch for our email invitation to schedule your second dose

If you received your first COVID-19 vaccination dose at Forward Pharmacy, we are reserving your next dose just for you—so no need to worry. Please note that the second dose is only guaranteed the third week after your first dose. Unfortunately, we don’t have another dose allocated for you at any other time—this is because the vaccine is only good for 120 hours, or five days, after we receive our delivery, and once a vial is open, it’s only good for six hours.

For this reason, accurate scheduling is very important, so please keep an eye out for our email update in your inbox in order to get on the schedule for the the third week after your first dose.

Because of how the vaccine is distributed, we won’t find out until late in the weekend when exactly we will receive our doses. As soon as we receive the information, we will send it to you along with the days and times available for you to schedule your appointment. Your second dose scheduling email will arrive in your inbox on late Sunday or early Monday, the third week after your first vaccine.

Also, We understand that you may have been told to come back 21 days to the day for your second dose. However, owing to distribution and delivery schedules, we may not have second doses available exactly 21 days from your first dose.

Published on Feb 12 2021

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