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COVID-19 Vaccinations at Forward Pharmacy

What you need to know

When will I be contacted to set up my vaccination appointment? If you have signed up for our waitlist and if you currently fall within one of the eligible phases, you will be contacted via email to make a vaccine appointment in the order that we received your request. At that time, you will receive a link to book a vaccination. Because of how the statewide vaccine distribution process works, you will most likely receive your email on a Sunday evening.

How long will it take until I can make an appointment? As you might expect, the waiting list of patients requesting vaccination is quite long. To ensure accurate distribution, we only send enough invitations to cover the approximate number of doses we have received at a given time, so it may take a while to reach your place on the waiting list. We appreciate your patience as you wait for us to reach your name on the waiting list.

What if I’m in a phase that is not yet eligible? If you are in a phase that has not yet reached eligibility, we will be contacting you once the state moves to your phase. Read more about phase designations and vaccine prioritization guidelines here.

I have already received my first vaccine dose at Forward Pharmacy. What do I do next? Read on in the next section for information on how and when you can expect to receive your second dose.

I ended up getting my vaccine somewhere else. Do I need to let you know? There’s no need to notify us. If you no longer wish to be updated, you may unsubscribe from our email list here, or stay subscribed to receive updates from Forward Pharmacy on our med box services, flu and shingles vaccines, tips on heart health, and special offers from our gift shops.

Published on Feb 12 2021

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