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COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Services

Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccinations
Available Every Day at all Forward Pharmacy Locations!

COVID-19 Testing


Now Available at our Columbus, Cottage Grove, Deerfield & McFarland Locations

This test detects an active COVID-19 infection. DO NOT ENTER THE STORE, OUR TESTING TAKES PLACE OUTSIDE.

Choose your location below and then click the button to complete the questionnaire and schedule your appointment. At your scheduled time, please follow the directions below to obtain your test. Do NOT enter the store.

Do Not Enter The Store for COVID-19 Testing

We need to keep our staff healthy so we can continue to serve the community. Park behind the store for testing. Please call if you have any questions.

Additional Information

If you’ve received a COVID-19 test and would like additional information on what to do while you wait for your results, or what your test results mean, please follow the links below.

Next Steps While You Wait for Your COVID Test Results

What Your Test Results Mean

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