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Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

Medicare offers a prescription drug benefit called Medicare Part D. Unlike Medicare Part A and Part B, Part D is administered through private companies that set different premiums (the money you pay directly to the insurance company to get the plan), copays (the money you pay at pharmacy register for your medications) and deductibles (the money you have to pay upfront before the benefit kicks in).

There are about 30 different plans available each year and once you enroll in it, you are committed for the whole year. The cost of the plan is largely determined by the medications you take. Patients are encouraged to check each fall during open enrollment to see which plan is right for them. Please talk to one of our staff members and we will help find the plan that is right for you!

If you got a letter in the mail from your Medicare Part D plan stating that some of your medications won’t be covered or that you can’t continue using your local pharmacy, don’t worry. Come into Forward Pharmacy and talk to our trained pharmacy staff. They’ll find the right plan for you that can save you money, and allow you to continue coming to your local family pharmacy.

Open enrollment runs from October 15th — December 7th in 2019. Don’t delay, come in today!

Need help sorting through your plan options? We can help with that.

Sign up for a Medicare Part D assessment today, and we’ll have it ready for you when you pick up your prescriptions starting October 15th.

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Published on Sep 13 2019

Last Updated on Nov 11 2019

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