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man talking to woman pharmacist while looking at a pill bottle

Pharm Report Issue No. 10

A newsletter to update clinic staff on current issues in healthcare

Issue X

Med Sync

Medication Synchronization, also known as med sync, is a FREE SERVICE Forward Pharmacy offers that allows your patients to pick up all of the medications they use on a regular basis at the same visit. This will reduce trips to the pharmacy and help increase compliance with the medication regimen you have prescribed.

How does it work? Before their medications are set to be refilled, we call your patients to check in. We’ll ask them how they are taking their medications, if they have any new medications, how they feel their medications are working, if they are experiencing any side effects, and if they have any upcoming appointments or lab visits. We will ask if they are ready for their regular medications to be filled and if they need any over-the-counter items or prescription items that are used on an as needed basis. We then get all of their medications ready so they can be picked up or delivered in one trip.

This service is perfect for patients who are on multiple medications to manage several chronic disease states, busy parents whose schedule just can’t fit in another errand, patients with limited mobility or transportation concerns, and just about everyone else! Encourage your patients to ask for med sync at Forward Pharmacy.

Prescription Tips

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