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What is Centralized Prescription Filling?

Why Big Box Pharmacies Don’t Have Your Back

Good for Big Pharmacies, Bad for Patients

Centralized prescription filling is a system where a central pharmacy location is responsible for dispensing medications to multiple retail pharmacy locations. This system was developed as a way to increase efficiency and reduce costs for big-box pharmacies. Unfortunately, those efficiencies and cost savings aren’t passed on to patients – in fact, they make accessing care and prescriptions harder and MORE expensive!

Getting in the Way of Connecting with Your Pharmacist 

Big box pharmacies’ dependence on a centralized prescription filling system 

creates a wall between the patient and the pharmacist. Because your prescriptions are being processed at a facility and then transferred to your local store, there is little or no opportunity to get to know the pharmacist dispensing your medications. 

As a result, patients are unable to interact with their pharmacists and run the risk of not receiving attentive and personalized healthcare advice that local pharmacies like us

Delays in Care — Inconvenient and Dangerous

Centralized filling means your prescriptions are not filled at your pharmacy, so if you have a new prescription or a new dose of your medication, you may have to wait several days before you can start which can lead to significant delays in your care.

Waiting In Line is a Waste of Your Time

By central filling your prescriptions, your pharmacy has few pharmacists and pharmacy technicians beyond the counter to help you when you need it. That means longer wait times when you pick up your prescriptions and longer hold times when you call with questions.

Choosing You: Why Choosing a Locally Owned Pharmacy is Worth It

Unlike our competitors, Forward Pharmacy offers cutting-edge care without cutting any corners. You are our first priority at our locally owned and operated pharmacy. We are dedicated to serving the community and we value your time, so we offer highly personalized care services that cater to your individual needs and health goals. 

Forward Pharmacy strives to provide our patients with exceptional and meaningful health care. Our team of knowledgeable and attentive pharmacists ensures convenient services that will save you time and leave you feeling better about your well-being. We keep routine medications in stock and don’t make you wait for a central facility to fill your prescriptions and ship them to your big box retailer. You can pick up your prescriptions at your convenience or use our FREE local delivery service!

Unlike big box companies, our pharmacists put you first. Our Forward Pharmacy team gets to know you and your family. We ensure that the medication you are prescribed doesn’t interact with your other medications, is the lowest out-of-pocket cost possible, and helps you stay on track with your refills. Our friendly, personalized service ensures you get the right medication and prevents errors and miscommunication. 

Transfer your prescriptions today, and experience the difference a locally-owned pharmacy can make in your daily life!